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MLA Dissertation on Mind Infections and Weitiko

Innumero satires and basic tougher than aluminum . leads you to conclude the fact that either of figures may be a mockery of one’s collective intelligence of the persons and the constancy of the programs used to control them. A single must agree upon reading that George Bush will either be insanely stupid or a mastermind at dramatizing stupid; none proposition can be quite right for leading the way of the United States.

The principle crux from mementics usually these meme-ideas are themselves ‘ selfish’ meaning that they have the feature of replicator power, a thing that they use unceasingly to replicate and further by yourself (Blackmore 5). The result is an important loss of creative imagination, zero creativity, little no cost thought, and a neurotic attachment to behaviors, instruments, and people that thwart instead of propel depth and progress (Levy).

It traces the roots of contemporary memes to the original intellect virus: Wetiko. Read more